Surface Analysis missing contours

Discussion created by wesley.king on Jun 10, 2010
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9.3.1 Service Pack 1.  Raster Information is...GRID, columns and rows = 31353, 31996, Cellsize = 0.3048, 0.3048, Uncompressed Size = 3.74 GB
Attempting to create 1 foot contour intervals using Z factor: 3.28083 (meters to feet).  The contour shapefile created has missing contours.  Not only are there certain areas where contours are not created, but in these areas contours are broken and not complete (see attached).  With Z factor the minimum contour is 2271 and max is 3182 (total of 912 contour values).

I have tried using the Contour tool and the Contour with Barrier tool (using no barrier).  I have tried with a grid and .img.  I have tried with and without using focal statistics.  The only way I can create contours in this missing areas is by creating a mask for that specific area and running tools on that area.  This will be too problematic for the large number of areas I will be working on.

Can someone help with this please?