Implementing IGPFunction - ParameterInfo

Discussion created by BViswanathan-esristaff Employee on Jun 6, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2010 by JScheirer-esristaff

I need to design my Front-end for a Geoprocessing tool with all the input parameters, for which i need to implement IGPFunction.

To get an input Featureclass from the user, my parameter is coded like this.

                Dim pParameters As IArray = New ArrayClass()

                'Input DataType is GPFeatureLayerType
                Dim inputParameter As IGPParameterEdit = New GPParameterClass()
                inputParameter.DataType = New GPFeatureLayerTypeClass()

                ' Default Value object is DEFeatureClass
                inputParameter.Value = New GPFeatureLayerClass()

                ' Set Input Parameter properties
                inputParameter.Direction = esriGPParameterDirection.esriGPParameterDirectionInput
                inputParameter.DisplayName = "Input Features"
                inputParameter.Name = "input_features"
                inputParameter.ParameterType = esriGPParameterType.esriGPParameterTypeRequired

This works fine. Now my task is to get a ComboBox, on click of the drop-down menu, i need to get the FieldNames of the input Feature class. (Refer the attached jpeg)

How do i code to get a parameter like this?

Expecting an answer.