Multiple UserControls in ArcMap Toolbar, VB.Net...

Discussion created by rkoc on Apr 14, 2010
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I have a VB.Net customisation (see attached) which is a toolbar for ArcMap. Each item on the toolbar resides on its own UserControl  (to help improve the ???display stability??? of the toolbar).

My problem is that I can???t seem to communicate effectively between the UserControls. More specifically I want the second ComboBox to be enabled and be aware of value of the selected value in the first ComboBox when the SelectedIndexChanged Event of the first ComboBox occurs (such that the second ComboBox can be populated with values relating to the selection in the first).

Does anyone know how to get a handle on what???s happening in one UserControl from another UserControl? And thoughts or examples would be most appreciated.

I am using 9.3.1 and VS 2008 (ToolAndControlSampleVB2008.sln ??? from the attachment).

Regards. Rob.