Creating a Label Feature Layer for GeoJSON/Leaflet

Discussion created by lois.haggard on Jul 3, 2014
I have an app that is using geoJSON in Leaflet to display dynamic content. See prototype, here: http://ibistest.health.state.nm.us/ibisph-view/indicator/view_complete/NMPopDemoPov.Sarea.html.

I would like to add a label feature layer that the user can turn on and off just like any other layer. The labels are just polygon names, like putting the county name over a county polygon. And, here's the catch, I would like the polygon labels, when displayed on the map, to be included in the "Convert to PNG" output. My developer tells me he will need the labels to be a feature, not an attribute of a feature. I have tried saving them as an annotation feature, but that did not do it.

Any suggestions?