Real-time updates to Query Feature Class

Discussion created by mcoop05 on Jun 30, 2014

I have a map service based on a query layer which pulls from a versioned feature class.  Using the javascript API I'm specifying a specific gdbVersion but that parameter doesn't seem to work with query layers.  The main issue is that users want to see changes made in Desktop immediately in the web application.  They also want to keep their ability to use undo/redo in Desktop, hence the versioned dataset.

Using a normal feature class instead of a query layer doesn't seem to be feasible since symbology is based on a joined dataset which makes the draw times unacceptable without a query layer.

Are there any other options to maintain performance, undo/redo capability and have edits show up immediately in a map service without needing to post/reconcile/compress?  Any ideas or suggestions are appreciated!