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Dynamic layer parameter and feature Dataset

Question asked by g3r4n on Jun 26, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2014 by g3r4n
i'm trying to add a layer to a map but i have an issue in the datasource when i want to set the dataSourceName. I'm sure my dataset and DB is correctly registery. I can access to a feature class who aren't in a dataset but when i want to access to a feature class in a dataset it's not working.
error message :  "Unable to find the specified 'dataSourceName' in 'dataSource' for dynamic dataLayer"
Layer :
{ "id": 145, "source":{     "type":"dataLayer",     "dataSource":{         "type":"table",         "workspaceId":"DBTESTENG",         "dataSourceName":"COLLECTE.SEG_SEGMENT_GAZ"         }     } }

COLLECTE is my dataset and SEG_SEGMENT_GAZ my feature class. DBTESTENG is my workspace.
I'm using SQL Server Express 2012 with arcGIS 10.2.1
sorry for my English i'm french !