Creating an Editing App for Android

Discussion created by dalejs on Jun 25, 2014
Thanks for looking at my post.  I have been tasked with creating an App for Andriod to edit point data.  I will start out by saying that i have no experience with developing any kind of Apps so I will be having a lot of questions.

I have created two sample Apps from instructions on ESRI's site, the HelloWorld and BaseMap sample apps.  I have downloaded the Android Developer Tools, Eclipse and Android Virtual Machine.

The App will be for offline editing so can someone point me in the right direction on this.  I will have the basemap in the app and then the point featureclass to edit as well.

So what interface/menu/? do I need to start editing on the point featureclass, then to save the edits when I am finished.

Just need a direction to go with this, Dale