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Interactive Directory Map

Question asked by kellen.ober on Jun 25, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2014 by kellen.ober
Hello I have the following project and I'm figuring out how to best implement it. I would like the project to be as highly automated as possible. The suggestion was made that I make and access table, link it to ArcGIS and then share the directory/map created through sharepoint.

Objective: Put together a list of facilities (company owned, company leased, government leased) on a map.

-Develop a system that can be easily updated by non-GIS users.
-Background data can be stored in an easily updated program (such as Microsoft Access) and dynamically linked to the mapping function.
-Data sets should be accessible to various people in the company (via something like sharepoint). -Mapping function should allow for layers of data
-Data should be protected somehow, and can be updated be only certain personnel even though lots of people will be able to view the map

My main question is the use of access and share point the best way of going about the project?

Also lets say I wanted to link my map to an online database (Oracle based) that's protected by a login screen is there any way to do that?