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Adding Machine to Cluster results in LOCALHOST host name (Linux 10.1)

Question asked by stufletcher on Jun 24, 2014
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We have a 10.1 linux ArcGIS setup with two machines as part of a cluster. This has been functioning well however yesterday in order to backup the site we removed both machines from the cluster ( and, backed the site configuration up and then created the site using the original site configuration and added the other machine to the cluster. This worked fine with the exception of the machine now being recorded in the site configuration (machines) as LOCALHOST. We have since tried creating the site on both nodes and adding the other node, this still results in the incorrect hostname for

Prior to the backup the machine name AGS was using was I have confirmed that the linux hostname is correct ( and also the value recorded in postinstall.dat is correct (

Has anyone experienced this behavior and/or deos anyone know where AGS server would be picking this hostname up from.


Stuart Fletcher