Selectable Layer(s) in Python - Not TOC buttons

Discussion created by chanes on Jun 23, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2014 by charlow
I have a Python Addin that selects a feature by mouse click location and updates the attributes (to a per-determined value) or deletes it based on the button I click in the toolbar (I am flagging the layer on the fly).  This layer I am updating is simply a reference layer (a result of  QC script).  The layer the QC script was run on, will be edited to correct mistakes, so I really only want that as my selectable layer, so I can continue editing after flagging a QC polygon as resolved, ignored, etc.

The problem is that when I run my tool to update the polygon, it changes the list of selectable layers in my table of contents and adds the layer I updated through the tool.  I want to be able to set that back/set it to a particular layer after using my button.  Otherwise I have to keep setting it manually. 

Anyone know how to set the selectable layers through a script and not by clicking buttons in the TOC?

It should be part of arcpy.mapping, but it is not: