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layer.dataSource Capitalization

Question asked by RHpec0312 on Jun 23, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2014 by RHpec0312

I am developing python addins that access a replica 10.2.1 file geodatabase.  When I list my layers and the access layer.datasource, I put these data sources into a python set object so that I will have one source path for multiple layers. 

There is a problem I am having with the capitalization of the dataSource in one of the layers.

See below:

['Database Connections\\Siskiyou.sde\\SISKIYOU.SDE.sdm_CrescentLink\\SISKIYOU.SDE.sdm_CablePathAccess', 'Database Connections\\Siskiyou.sde\\SISKIYOU.SDE.sdm_CrescentLink\\Siskiyou.SDE.sdm_CablePathAccess']

notice how one is in all caps and the other is not?  If there is a behavior layer dataSources that results in this behavior I am unaware of it.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.