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Geocoding Results - Nothing on the map using the Geocode Addresses tool, but good foR

Question asked by shaningesri on Jun 20, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2014 by shaningesri
I created a Address Locator (its Reference data is a Polyline M FC) in Single Field style.  It works fine in geocoding on ArcMap session.  When I typed a valid place name, a polyline flashed on the map.
Then, I followed ESRI procedure:
1)  Loaded a data table.
2)  Opened Geocode Addresses on the data table.
3)  In PlaceName, select either None or a valid attribute name.
4)  In Advanced Geometry Options, selected 'use the map's spatial reference'.
5)  In Geocoding Options, I checked on the X and Y coordinates.
6)  Clicked OK to implement the process.
A point FC was generated as the results.  But its graphic view showed nothing on the map even though it also showed 98% match.  In the result FC table, the X & Y values are 0.
However, if I run the Display Route Events tool on the table either a Point or Line event, the generated point/line FC displayed the results properly.
If you know why, could you explain?  Thanks.