Feature dataset layer metadata in a Map Service

Discussion created by kimchimcgee on Jun 17, 2014

Feature class metadata is not showing up on my REST endpoint when published as AGS 10.2 map service.

I have a feature class within a feature dataset in ArcSDE. The feature class has metadata, which I can view through Item Description in ArcCatalog; however, no metadata is available on my REST endpoint.

The only solution I've found is copy/pasting my feature class out of the feature dataset into a "standalone" feature class (i.e., a regular old feature class not grouped into a dataset) in ArcSDE. The full item description is available in my map service if I publish using this as a data source. However, I'd like to avoid the hassle each time I publish one of these layers.

Any ideas on how to publish metadata for a feature class within a dataset to a map service?