Geoprocessing using feature classes from two separate geodatabases

Discussion created by howelltodd on Jun 16, 2014
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Hello everyone,
      I seem to have hit a wall in my abilities once again. I have feature classes in two geodatabases. I am trying to iterate through the feature classes in the first geodatabase and based on the last 6 digits of the name find the matching feature class in the second geodatabase. Using the feature class from the first geodatabase in a for in loop and feature class in the second geodatabase that is located based on the last 6 digits of the feature class name, I would like to run the Locate Features Along Route tool using the first fc as the input and the second fc as the input route features. Is this possible? I'm not sure how to use ListFeatureClasses to list fc's in two separate geodatabases as it is environment dependent.

       Any help is greatly appreciated.

Todd Howell