External capabilities definition for local ArcGIS feature access services?

Discussion created by HavardMoe on Jun 16, 2014
What I'm wondering is this: I have a local ArcGIS server in our network at my workplace. We also have a Geocortex web mapping solution based on an Amazon hosting. What I would like to do is to set up a site on our Geocortex to access certain feature access services on the ArcGIS Server for some selected users within our firewall. That is - server, data and users are all on the inside of the firewall. I am not trying to make data available outside of the firewall.

The problem is that the Geocortex manager requires to access the server to set up feature access services, and the firewall is preventing that. I have worked around this for e.g. WMS services by copying the GetCapabilities definition to somewhere outside of the firewall, but I can't reallt find a workaround for ArcGIS services like feature access. Is there a way similar to the external capabilities file for feature access services?  (WFS would be an option, but that doesn't appear to be supported by Geocortex...)