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Creating buffered rectangle for single point

Question asked by stain3565 on Jun 14, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2014 by stain3565
I am creating a 200m buffered rectangle around a selected feature layer of points. Sometimes tere are many points, in which case I appear to create a correct rectangle.

However, if there is only one point, the buffer does not appear to create a rectangle. I think this may be because the polygon array I create has the same co-ordinate for lowerleft/right etc so the initial shape the buffer is based on may not be a valid rectangle.

My code is below:

        AddressPointsCopy = AddressPointsLayerName + str(rowcount)         arcpy.CopyFeatures_management(AddressPointsLayerName, AddressPointsCopy)         # A good idea to limit the number of RoadLinks to a sensible area around the address points         # Will stick to 200 metres just to ensure we don't miss anything         desc = arcpy.Describe(AddressPointsCopy).extent         array = arcpy.Array()         # Create the bounding box         array.add(desc.lowerLeft)         array.add(desc.lowerRight)         array.add(desc.upperRight)         array.add(desc.upperLeft)         # ensure the polygon is closed         array.add(desc.lowerLeft)         # Create the polygon object         message = "ARRAY " + str(array[0]) + " " + str(array[1]) + " " +str(array[2]) + " " +str(array[3]) + " " + str(array[4])         print message         polygon = arcpy.Polygon(array)         array.removeAll()         # buffer         extentPoly = layerMemory + os.sep + "RoadlinkBuffer"  + str(rowcount)         arcpy.Buffer_analysis(polygon, extentPoly, "200 meters", "OUTSIDE_ONLY", "FLAT", "NONE")

How can I tailor this to deal with a single point and create a rectangle buffered by 200m in this case?