Make data available to view in web map app by public but not findable in search?

Discussion created by adcadc on Jun 6, 2014
We have datasets that we want to make visible to everyone (including the public) in our web map apps but for reasons of copyright, do not want AGOL users from outwith our organisation to be able to find that data through AGOL's search and load it into their AGOL maps and ultimately into their ArcMap desktop sessions from where they can download copies as shapefiles.

As far as I can tell, for the data to be visible to the public in a web map app, we have to share the feature service with "Everyone (public)", but that means other AGOL users can search for and find the data, and so can download copies of it from desktop.

Is this possible and if so, how? I should point out that we don't have ArcGIS Server, so are relying on AGOL for the hosting of our data and publication of our web maps and apps.