Extracting and Using ArcGIS Online Data in ArcMap - incomplete results

Discussion created by chlang on Jun 5, 2014
   I have a feature service layer on my ArcGIS Online (hereafter referred to as AGOL) account, which actually consists of 6 separate layers of point files.  It's only shared to internal groups, so I can't provide links, sorry.  When I am looking at it in the AGOL map, I see all six layers, and can add or edit data for them all.  When I hit the button to open it in ArcMap, it gives me an mxd, with only the last layer loaded.  I have also tried starting out in a new mxd file, and using the Add Data from ArcGIS Online command, but I still only get the last layer.  When I try to link to the Feature Service in ArcCatalog, to be able to see if all 6 layers are present there, it crashes ArcCatalog just trying to connect to AGOL.

   We're using the data in the iPad Collector app.  Collector can see all 6 layers and add and edit data, and syncronize it back with no problems, so the fault seems to be with the desktop products - ArcMap and ArcCatalog.

   My second issue is that I want to find a way (probably a script) that will copy the data from AGOL to our own ArcGIS Server each day (probably at 1:00 am), and then delete the copy from AGOL, so that the collector app isn't getting too cluttered with points on top of points, as the user adds more each day.  Has anyone written any scripts for found a way to successfully transfer data from AGOL to ArcServer?

I can't wait till we upgrade our ArcServer to 10.2.2 so we can eliminate the AGOL middle man entirely.