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Register Oracle Database 12c with Arcgis Server 10.2.1 Issue

Question asked by rmoreno-telematica-com-pe-esridist on Jun 4, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2016 by kumargsa
Hi All, my case is the following:
In the GIS server I have installed oracle client 11g r2 32 bits to connect Arcgis Desktop to oracle DB and also I have installed the oracle client 11g r2 64 bits to register Oracle with ArcGIS Server.
The connection from AGS Desktop to oracle has been done succesfully, however the moment of register the ORA database with ArcGIS Server I got the following error:
[Cannot connect to database because the database client software failed to load.  Be sure the database client software is installed and configured correctly.]
Thanks in advance