ArcGis runtime deployment

Discussion created by aafgilbert01 on Jun 3, 2014
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I have an application that is installed twice on the same server. The 2 applications are using the exact same user control version. This user control refers to the esri.ArcGis.Client.local.dll etc libraries. This user control loads 2 local map services. This setutp is working well on a 32 bits windows server.

On the 64 bits windows 2008, the first installation is working well. On the second installation, the 2 local map services are not starting but the "base map" is starting well. It seems that the gis application does not find the Runtime library folder  because the local maps are the same for both installation. This makes me believe that the application cannot find the folder that contains the 64 bit runtime library. I have placed the runtime librairy just a level below the application exe.  I am not sure where I need to locate the runtime library folder to make sure the exe finds it.