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Question asked by Bauger on Jun 3, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2014 by jamesfreddyc
Hi folks,

Another python question for the forum, this one should be easy. I am trying to complete the following exercise and am stumped with the last section. I am asked to print only the items in the list with exactly 5 characters. If anyone can help me out that would be much appreciated.

# Create list with these four entries: roads, streams, parks, contours value1 = "roads" value2 = "streams" value3 = "parks" value4 = "contours"  List = [value1, value2, value3, value4]  # Print the first entry in the list to the interactive window print List[0]  # Use a loop to print every entry that has exactly 5 # characters to the interactive window  print List