i am trying to add new feature with feature layer/ i commented that code in web map.

Discussion created by veslvh12 on Jun 2, 2014
//- (void) webMap:(AGSWebMap *)  webMap
//   didLoadLayer:(AGSLayer *)  layer  {
////The last feature layer we encounter we will use for editing features
//    //If the web map contains more than one feature layer, the sample may need to be modified to handle that
//        AGSFeatureLayer* featureLayer = (AGSFeatureLayer*)layer;
//        //set the feature layer as its calloutDelegate
//        //this will then automatically set the callout's title to a value
//        //from the display field of the feature service
//        featureLayer.calloutDelegate = featureLayer;
//        //Get all the fields
//        featureLayer.outFields = [NSArray arrayWithObject:@"*"];
//        //This view controller should be notified when features are edited
//        featureLayer.editingDelegate = self;
//    NSLog(@"data is %@",featureLayer);
//        //Add templates from this layer to the Feature Template Picker
//        [self.featureTemplatePickerViewController addTemplatesFromLayer:featureLayer];