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Is it possible to start editing of a specific featureClass programmatically?

Question asked by Fossi on May 21, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2014 by Fossi

as described here ( I start an editing session in ArcMap from another application. Furthermore I would like to preselect a specific featureClass for the "Create Features"-dialog.

My question: Is this even possible?
Alternative or even better: Is it possible to filter the featureClasses in the "Create Features"-dialog, so that there is only one available?

I will be grateful for any hint, since I found no point to start.

In my (poor) understanding, edit-sessions always relate to a workspace and a workspace includes one or more featureClasses. In this edit-session the user selects a class in which he wants to create a new feature. I want this featureClass to be set from another application. Perhaps this is a silly idea or a totally wrong approach, so I appreciate your thoughts. Thank you very much.