Request to add Terms of Use Acceptance to User Access Workflow

Discussion created by tminterWork on May 16, 2014
Currently, a source authority statement of terms of use might be presented in the item description access and use constraints and/or service description.  It would be useful if the ArcGIS Online subscriber organization could enter general language for the terms of use during Open Data site configuration and rely on Esri's Open Data system to require the user to accept the terms of use before gaining access to the content.

Maybe this capability already exists and I just haven't found it yet?

My intention with this request does not conflict with Open Data principle #8 License-free.  An example terms of use our organization would employ would be along the lines of:

"hey, we use this stuff for our own internal purposes.  it's not legal advice in any way.  don't bother suing us.  oh, and we might change this, shut it down, or host it elsewise at any moment and without notice so make sure you mitigate your risks if you want to rely on it to always be there."

that sort of thing.

thanks for considering!