ArcGIS Server and the in_memory workspace

Discussion created by drc_ on May 16, 2014
How does ArcGIS Server 10.1 handle the in_memory workspace for geoprocessing services? Does each service get a separate block in memory? Does each job for each service get it's own memory?

A colleague and I are each preparing to publish a geoprocessing service; each service will send results back to a web browser to be handled as Feature Layers by the JavaScript API so we wrote the services to store results in the in_memory workspace. There are places in the code of each service where we delete the in_memory workspace for housekeeping purposes and I'm wondering if the clearing of the in_memory workspace by one service will affect the in_memory workspace of another service, or will deleting the in_memory workspace of a service affect the memory assigned to another instance of the same service?