Python to export all layers in map to given folder

Discussion created by jwalkerack on May 14, 2014
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Hi there ,

i am a relative novice with Python and have only used Arc for a limited amount of time. At the moment i am trying to learn the basics of python as i would like to automate some workflows.I am reading the Paul a Zandbergen Book.

Please bare with me if my question is simple. 

One thing that comes up a lot at my work is relative folder paths. Sharing maps bewteen different people
Generally with have a drive at work that everyone has access to the majority of data will be saved on there. Sometime people will store data on there computer. This sometimes makes it into maps.

So if another person is going to use the map the link will be broken.

i was wondering if its possible to have a python script that will export all files out to a given shared specified folder ? Or maybe there is a funcation all ready within ARC to deal with this.

Thanks a lot