Manage Map Cache Tile: Errors at 10.2.2

Discussion created by dcoley on May 13, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2016 by fellj
We are experiencing brand new caching issues at 10.2.2. I am unable to either DELETE_TILES or RECREATE_ALL_TILES from an existing cache. The error we keep receiving is:

Line 30Output failure, error string = Error moving bundle Failed to cache extent: -9223211.962860 3087885.815688 -9079003.170544 3271103.291998 at scale 577790.55428899999.

The error occures when running RECREATE_ALL_TILES or DELETE_TILES operations of the Manage Map Cache Tiles (run as a tool or script) when run from a dedicated server gp cluster machine. Our clustered setup consists of a network file server storing our config, security and data-stores, as well as all server and system directories.  Two servers serve as a mapCluster for map and image services, a single server in a gpCluster for caching and user-defined gp services, and a virtualized web server for the WebAdaptor.

This has occurred as of lastweek whether reading from the GIS SDE database OR from a data-store file gdb. All permissions for directory shares and folder and file security have been accounted for.

When the error occurs, the entire cache becomes corrupt, making any other caching operations in-operable (delete cache, delete tiles, etc). During the recreate, the bundlx file is being removed but the bundle file is not, thus not allowing the tool to overwrite thebundle from the admin-defined D:/arcgistemp folder(s) on the GP server.

Thus far, the only solution has been to kill the service, stop the site, and then remove the entire cache directory, restart the site, recreate both the service and the cache.

Has anyone encountered this?