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Updating feature layer with dynamic map enabled

Question asked by ptdce_he_lt on May 12, 2014
Latest reply on May 13, 2014 by ptdce_he_lt
In my application I am using dunamic map with few dynamic layers and few standard feature layer connected with file gdb feature class.
The dynamic layers works fine. But I am having issues with the standard feature layer.

The updations and insertions on feature class is not getting reflected in the corresponding feature layer. I have tried refresh of active view, refresh map, invalidate screen display, but the feature layer just wont update. Only when I zoom in and out for 2-3 levels then the feature layer redraws fetching new data from feature class and display the updation. The updation/insertion in feature class is done wihtin workspace edit session.

If I disable dynamic map then the feature layer does update when I invalidate the screendisplay or partial refresh the active view. So there should not be any issue with that code. But I need dynamic map capability and want to use the standard feature layers.

Is there any way to force updation of feature layer in dynamic map, even if I have to redraw the whole extent.
Please advice. Thanks in advance.

Note: I am using Arc Object API 10.2 in Linux 32 bit.