Share via Email function not consistent

Discussion created by lisastapleton on May 12, 2014
I have a user requirement to be able to send an email to link directly to a map showing the exact view that the user wants to share. Meaning the same layers and the same map extent to communicate "hey, look at this area". This is easy to accomplish using a web map. The share function produces a url that gives the results that we want. However, when you share via email on a web APP, it does not create a url. Instead it sends this horrendous, long url but the worse part is that it just basically sends you to the initial display of that app, not to the exact extent that you wish to share. We are standardizing on deploying web apps to our organization...and we have this user requirement. Even if I capture the url from the view (without using the share function), it takes me to the default view.

Does anyone have a solution to this issue without switching to deploying web maps (instead of apps)?
(I've reposted this as a question instead of a discussion)