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Multiprocessing script errors on geoprocessing line of code - INFADI (Missing Dir)

Question asked by merlyn77 on May 12, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2016 by bharold-esristaff
I have written a script that uses to process multiple netCDF files and store information in a table. Each process runs a function to process one year. Each year has it's own individual file geodatabase, table within that geodatabase, and mxd. I also set the default workspace and scratch workspace to that geodatabase. For example when the function loads the year 1979 it accesses the 1979 geodatabase, 1979 table within that geodatabase, and 1979 mxd. 1980 would access the 1980 geodatabase, 1980 table within that geodatabase, and 1980 mxd.

If I run 1 process everything works fine. If I try to run 2 or more I get Fatal Error (INFADI) Missing Directory. It always happens at random times on a random process.  A try catch phrase isn't catching the error.  The process is completely shutting down.  All the other processes continue and the process that crashes starts another year.

It happens here:
              try:                    deleteme = Raster(, AOIshape))               except:                    continue  

Does anyone have any thoughts?