add shapefile or layer package dynamically

Discussion created by aafgilbert01 on May 5, 2014
Latest reply on May 6, 2014 by MBranscomb-esristaff

I have completed the first phase of my wpf application and I am happy with the results.

Now I would like to add the capability to dynamically add layers to my app. that already have map loaded. Currently my appliction is loading LocalDynamicMapServiceLayer that are written in a ini file.

I have seen the sample project that gives the possibility to add shapefile (however I would like to have sample .shp files with the demo). Is there shapefiles that comes with the demo on arcgis online. When I ran the demo, the shapefiles are loading but I was not able to see them. However, for the technical side, I understood that the layer comming from the shapefiles was added offline inside an empty map package.

Now, I would also like to read something that would help me to understand how I can add a layer package. I think a simple layer can be loaded when it is part of a map. For the layer package, it is not part of a map and I am not sure if ArcGis runtime can load the layer package directly or you need to create also an empty map package that will be the content of the layer package.