problem with embedded video in popups

Discussion created by kevinaloberg on May 4, 2014
I'm envisioning a map that plays video in the popups when opened.  Using Mark Gallant's (mgallant83) approach I've created a test map that uses a feature attribute to open a video in Vimeo.  Everything plays fine except when the popup is closed using the "X" button in the upper right, the video remains visible and continues playing.  I've read in other forum posts that this is an issue in Google Chrome only, and is a bug specific to that browser.  However, when closing the popup using the "X" button as above in Internet Explorer the video appears to close but the audio continues to play.  Interestingly, in either browser if one clicks outside of the popup rather than using the "X" button, the popup and video close just fine with no residual video or audio continuing to play.  Does anyone have any advice as to how to alleviate this problem, or is it possible to disable and remove the "X" button from the popups so that one can only close them by clicking outside the popup?  Thanks in advance for any help. 

Here is the link to my test page: