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How to refresh esri Map in code

Question asked by nviot64 on Apr 30, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2014 by nviot64
Hi everyone,

I'm trying to do a screenshot of a part of MyMap and this is how I proceed :
(MyMap is esri Map)

  • hide all layers

  •             var screenShotLayer = MyMap.Layers["ScreenShotLayer"] as GraphicsLayer;             var regionsLayer = MyMap.Layers["RegionsLayer"] as GraphicsLayer;             var puitsLayer = MyMap.Layers["PuitsLayer"] as GraphicsLayer;             var linesLayer = MyMap.Layers["LinesLayer"] as GraphicsLayer;             var blocksLayer = MyMap.Layers["BlocksLayer"] as GraphicsLayer;             var bufferPuitsLayer = MyMap.Layers["BufferPuitsLayer"] as GraphicsLayer;             var topoMapLayer = MyMap.Layers["TopoMapLayer"] as ArcGISLocalTiledLayer;             var topoMapLayer2 = MyMap.Layers["TopoMapLayer2"] as ArcGISLocalTiledLayer;              regionsLayer.Visible = false;             puitsLayer.Visible = false;             linesLayer.Visible = false;             blocksLayer.Visible = false;             bufferPuitsLayer.Visible = false;             topoMapLayer.Visible = false;             topoMapLayer2.Visible = false;

  • Save Map Extent

  • var oldExtent = MyMap.Extent;

  • Add graphics that I want to screenshot in a specific layer

  • screenShotLayer.Graphics.AddRange(ListGraphicCopy);

  • Get the extent of my screenshotlayer

  • MyMap.Extent = screenShotLayer.FullExtent;

  • Do screenshot and revert all changes

  •             //On fait le screenshot             var image = Helper.BitmapHelper.CreateScreenShot(MyMap);             //On supprime les graphics ajouté au layer screenshot             foreach (var graphic in ListGraphicCopy) screenShotLayer.Graphics.Remove(graphic);             //On remet l'ancien cadrage qu'avait la map             MyMap.Extent = oldExtent;              //On rend tous les layers visible             regionsLayer.Visible = true;             puitsLayer.Visible = true;             linesLayer.Visible = true;             blocksLayer.Visible = true;             bufferPuitsLayer.Visible = true;             topoMapLayer.Visible = true;             topoMapLayer2.Visible = true;

The mather is that the map doesn't refresh without UserInterface asked her so the result is the basic view and not the one I create for screenshot.

Can anyone help me on this?

Thanks in advance.