Feature Service Add to New Map displays layers in reverse order

Discussion created by epsimpson on Apr 29, 2014
When we click the down arrow on a Feature Services within My Content and select "Add to New Map", the layers are in the correct order within the TOC, but they display in reverse order.  We can rearrange the TOC layers as usual, and when the layers are reversed in the TOC, they appear correctly on the map.

Now it gets weird.

If I add the same Feature service a second time to the same map, then the TOC layer order for the newly added layers is still correct, but these layers display in the correct order.  The original layers, however, still display in reverse order to the TOC. 

This behavior began late February or early March.  I have not reversed the layer order in the python script because I figured ESRI would notice this right away and fix it, but the behavior is ongoing. 

Sooo ... is it just us?