Python scripts for Fish data intersecting ICES Blocks

Discussion created by Ian88 on Apr 28, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2014 by eibenm
Hello, I am trying to create a script that automates a task for me

I basically have two polygon shapefiles that contains data on spawning and nursing fish locations respectively within UK waters. Lets call them spawning.shp and nursing.shp. There is an attribute field that contains the species (Cod, Hake Plaice etc) which is what I want to extract for later.

There is then a shapefile which contains ICES Blocks within UK waters, which are basically large polygons in a kind of grid across UK waters.

Basically what I want to achieve is two output shapefiles that contains all the ICES Blocks in one attribute field, and then the other attribute fields containing all the fish species within the spawning and nursing shapefiles, with the data in the fields simply being a "Yes" or a "No", based on whether that fish species is present within that Block (one shapefile concerning spawning species, one concerning nursing species.)

I'm fairly sure this should be quite simple to do but I am new to python/currently useless at it, so any help would be fantastic

Many thanks