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Help with creating geostat layer in python

Question asked by mbs7038 on Apr 24, 2014
Latest reply on May 26, 2014 by mbs7038
I'm trying to loop through feature classes and create a geostatistical layer and then convert the geo layer to points.

I've attempted to debug this problem myself, but would appreciate extra eyes on my code in case someone else can spot an error.

Here is a resource that I've referenced trying to fix my code:

import arcpy from arcpy import env from import* from import*   arcpy.env.workspace = "C:\Users\mbs7038\Documents\New_Landsat_Imagery\For_Area_Calc\Gauges_For_AccuracyAssessment\S_Gauges\S_Gauges.gdb" arcpy.env.overwriteOutput=True  lyrpath = "C:\Users\mbs7038\Documents\New_Landsat_Imagery\For_Area_Calc\Gauges_For_AccuracyAssessment\S_Gauges\GA_lyrs"  ptpath="C:\Users\mbs7038\Documents\New_Landsat_Imagery\For_Area_Calc\Gauges_For_AccuracyAssessment\S_Gauges\GA_Krig.gdb"   # Check out the ArcGIS Geostatistical Analyst extension license arcpy.CheckOutExtension("GeoStats")   #modelTemplate="C:\Users\mbs7038\Documents\New_Landsat_Imagery\For_Area_Calc\Gauges_For_AccuracyAssessment\S_Gauges\GA_Model.lyr"  modelxml=("C:\Users\mbs7038\Documents\New_Landsat_Imagery\For_Area_Calc\Gauges_For_AccuracyAssessment\S_Gauges\EmpiricalBayesianKriging.xml")   print 'listing feature classes' fcs=arcpy.ListFeatureClasses("a734184")  for fc in fcs:     print fc     try:         print 'listing fields'         fields = arcpy.ListFields(fc,"Wlevel")         for field in fields:             print ("{0} is a type of {1} with a length of {2}".format(, field.type, field.length))          zfield="Wlevel"          outlyr=lyrpath+"/"+fc+"_GA.lyr"         outpts=ptpath+"/"+fc+"_GA_pt"         #cellsize=0.0008333333333          print'creating geostatistical layer'         infc=fc + " Wlevel"         arcpy.GACreateGeostatisticalLayer_ga(modelxml,infc,outlyr)          print 'converting GA layer to grid'         arcpy.GALayerToPoints_ga(outlyr,fc,zfield,outpts)      except:         print arcpy.GetMessages()  print 'script complete'

I receive these error messages: a734184_GA.lyr does not exist or is not supported 

I've checked my output folder that I've defined to store the new geostat layers, and there is nothing there, even though I received no error messages when running the CreateGeostatisticalLayer tool......

>>>  listing feature classes a734184 listing fields Wlevel is a type of Double with a length of 8 creating geostatistical layer converting GA layer to grid Executing: GALayerToPoints C:\Users\mbs7038\Documents\New_Landsat_Imagery\For_Area_Calc\Gauges_For_AccuracyAssessment\S_Gauges\GA_lyrs/a734184_GA.lyr C:\Users\mbs7038\Documents\New_Landsat_Imagery\For_Area_Calc\Gauges_For_AccuracyAssessment\S_Gauges\S_Gauges.gdb\a734184 Wlevel C:\Users\mbs7038\Documents\New_Landsat_Imagery\For_Area_Calc\Gauges_For_AccuracyAssessment\S_Gauges\GA_Krig.gdb\a734184_GA_pt ALL Start Time: Thu Apr 24 12:12:05 2014 Failed to execute. Parameters are not valid. ERROR 000732: Input geostatistical layer: Dataset C:\Users\mbs7038\Documents\New_Landsat_Imagery\For_Area_Calc\Gauges_For_AccuracyAssessment\S_Gauges\GA_lyrs/a734184_GA.lyr does not exist or is not supported Failed to execute (GALayerToPoints). Failed at Thu Apr 24 12:12:05 2014 (Elapsed Time: 0.00 seconds) script complete >>>