Random crashing in the field

Discussion created by northolympiclandtrust on Apr 23, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2014 by GMorris-esristaff
The app seems to shut itself down or crash, inevitably when I am in the field and need my maps. Because I am offline, I cannot sign back into the app.  It seems that if one is to use this app offline, then the maps that are "On Device" should be accessible without needing to sign into the app via WiFi or cell.  Any suggestions?  I cannot seem to re-create the problem in town, with WiFi turned off (I do not have cellular on the iPad), so it feels like it is related to the remoteness (not sure how that could be) or that it is random.

Just a side note - this app does not seem user-friendly in the sense that, say a person collecting data in the field forgets to sign in when they are still online, then they cannot use the app when they get into the field.  There should be a way to use the maps on your device regardless of being on or off line.  Seems strange that an app that is for offline use needs to be online to access the offline content... I hope someone can explain why this app is set up this way? 

Also, I was advised in another thread that I should not change to another app while using Collector (although I have been able to switch back and forth successfully offline, so I do not believe that is the cause of the shutting down or crashing of Collector). In a field environment, field workers will most likely also be using other apps in the field.