Hiding an old VB6 ICommand via another Addin Command using .NET C#

Discussion created by gauravcgrigo on Apr 21, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2014 by Neil
HI All,

I am facing some issues while trying to disable an old ICommand button written in VB6.
I don't want to make changes to VB6 code as it requires new release of whole solution which contains many other tools and commands.
Hence, I have created new functionality and just want to disable one old Command button; but as per my findings even if I load this old CommandItem I can't disable it as the ".Enabled" property has no setter through COmmandItem. That's logical as well; because there is a class in VB6 which has implemented ICommand and you can't access its Enabled property form outside as there is no setter in that class for this.

Can anyone help me if there is any way to hide or disable the old command button Or replace it with my new .NET code?

Thanks in advance!