Recommended setup for editing and read-only access to hosted service?

Discussion created by shepa006 on Apr 17, 2014
Are there any recommended ways of setting up hosted services in ArcGIS for Portal so that I could set members of a group as editors and everyone else (either by group or public) with read-only access? I would like to avoid relying on the Web Map to limit editing (i.e. disable editing of the layer in the Web Map) so that the permissions are set at the service layer. But I can�??t figure out how to create two services pointing to the same hosted data.

The solution I�??ve come up with so far is to create two hosted services (one for editing and one for view only). The editable service would then be published and shared only with access to the editor�??s group. Then it would be the responsibility of the editors (and/or an automated script) to overwrite the read-only service with the new data.

I was hoping that there is a more streamlined process for this so ideas are welcome.