Permissions for Publishing a Service with Feature Access Enabled

Discussion created by tysonbarlow on Apr 15, 2014
I've read what I can read, and still am having a hard time determining why I continue to get the "Layer's data source is not supported (Feature Service)" error when I analyze my service that i'm trying to publish to ArcGIS Online. I think the problem is caused because ArcGIS Server doesn't have permission to the folder that my data is stored in. I'm really not sure though.

I have a feature class stored in a File Geodatabase on my C drive at C:\GIS\VectorData.gdb called "TestHazards". This is the layer that I'd like to publish as an editable layer. I've used the Data Store tab in ArcGIS Server Properties to register the GIS folder on my C drive, but that's where I think i'm missing something, most likely some sort of permission access.

Can someone please point me in the right direction here?

Thanks a ton!