Consume GP service on ArcMap 10.0; how 2 send ArcMap extent ?

Discussion created by mravichandran on Apr 11, 2014
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dear Readers,

I was looking for examples to do the following:

1. using arcmap 10.0 using geoprocessor function call a webservice in a GP server:

[h=2]DataExtract (GPServer)[/h] Service Description: Data extraction  tool

Execution Type:  esriExecutionTypeAsynchronous

Result Map Server Name: 

MaximumRecords: 1000

The Data Extract contains an input param of current extent:

    Parameter: aoi

      Data Type: GPFeatureRecordSetLayer
      Display Name aoi 
      Description: aoi
      Direction: esriGPParameterDirectionInput 
      Default Value:
        Geometry Type: esriGeometryPolygon
        HasZ: false 
        HasM: false
        Spatial Reference: 4326  (4326) 


        • FID ( type: esriFieldTypeOID , alias: FID )

        • Id ( type: esriFieldTypeInteger , alias: Id )

        • Shape_Length ( type: esriFieldTypeDouble , alias: Shape_Length )

        • Shape_Area ( type: esriFieldTypeDouble , alias: Shape_Area ) 

        Features: None.

      Parameter  Type: esriGPParameterTypeRequired

      How do I get my current extent and send them as a feature recordset layer to this service

      the other input to this service is a table name as present in the feature service in the same arc gis server.

      sample code in .net for arcobjects arcmap 10.0 would be great; the gp service is on a 10.21 arc gis server.