WMS performance with large number of layers

Discussion created by chrisfinn on Apr 10, 2014

Our company recently started using DFDD coding for development of topographic maps.
Due to the new coding we have a new problem on our hands - we have started a project to update our WMS service accordingly, but due to the new coding, we now have 121 layers insted of the 25 for the old coding used.
The concern is that this almost 5x increase could mean serious delays and slow response for the end-users of the WMS service.
As we are planning to provide both versions - the 25 and 121 layers + symbology, it is important to know about the possible loss of responsivenes.
As I was not able to find any relevant information within ESRI knowledgebase articles, as well as within ESRI blogs, apart from general info that the more layers you have the higher the wait time, I want ask has anyone had any experience with this kind of situation?
We have been considering a possibility to merge some of the layers to bring down the total number, but would rather not do it.

Also, is there a way to set a default for how many layers are initially turned on upon adding the WMS to Arcmap? Right now it is 10 layers, and the rest have to be turned on manually. In our case this means that the user has to manually turn on 111 layers if the new version of the map is added.