Automate Exporting of Layer Joined to Excel Data?

Discussion created by fleetwoodmacattack on Apr 8, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2014 by jamesfreddyc
Hey all,

Odd problem here arising from being given a large pile of pretty crappy data in Excel. I have 35 Excel files which need to be joined to 35 corresponding feature classes; this part I'm able to accomplish with a Python script. However, I cannot figure out how, using Python, to export this data to DBF without either (a) losing the spreadsheet data I originally joined to or (b) having all of the resulting rows be NULL. The only table export method that is giving me what I want is manually going to the drop-down menu for the attribute table and exporting to DBF.

I suppose I could get around this and not burn too much time by just having my automated process create the 35 joined tables, and then manually export each one. If there's a way to automate the exporting, however, that would be great. Thanks.