Correct syntax for ???RESTful??? addAttachment?

Discussion created by katrin.sattler on Apr 7, 2014
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Hi all,

I�??m working on a geoprocessing script that uploads a jpg from a local drive to a feature service.
I�??m having troubles getting the operation syntax right for posting the �??addAttachment�?? request to the Server.

Link to online resources:

I�??ve tried the following:

1)  addAttachment via the ArcGIS server web browser interface (WORKING)


2)  I tried to replicate #1 by entering the following request into the URL bar in a web browser (NOT WORKING):


{"error":{"code":500,"message":"java.lang.String cannot be cast to com.esri.arcgis.discovery.json.JSONObject","details":[]}}

My attachment parameter is obviously not correct. What would be the correct syntax?
The online resources�?? only info on this was:
�??The input parameter attachment to this operation is a file.�?�

3) Lastly, I tried to post the information as part of my python script using urllib (NOT WORKING):
Import urllib
url=�?? http://<my-server>/arcgis/rest/services/GeoProcessing_tools/Milling_Statement_points/FeatureServer/0/1602/addAttachment�??
payload = {'f':'json', 'attachment':{'url': r'file:///C:/TEMP/pic00002.jpg', 'contentType' : 'image/jpg'}}
response = urllib.urlopen(url, urllib.urlencode(payload)).read()
print response
{"error":{"code":500,"message":"JSONObject[\"uploadedFilePath\"] not found.","details":[]}}

Both error messages (2 & 3) include �?? �??code�?? : 500�?� which appears to point to a server-side problem.
However, the addAttachment operation works when using the web browser interface (1). Does that not contradict a server-side issue?

I�??d appreciate any help on this problem.