Custom Geoprocessing Tool not appearing in ArcGIS after deploy

Discussion created by froggiewalker on Apr 7, 2014
I'm trying to create my first Custom geoprocessing tool.
I got stuck in the phase of exporting JAR file from Eclipse (4.3 Kepler). I moved JAR file to <ArcGIS Install Dir>\java\lib\ext, restarted ArcMap (10.1), but ArcMap just don't see the tool (when I try to add the tool to MyToolbox.tbx in ArcCatalog window).
I've used exact copies of classes from this sample.

At first, I downloaded the whole project and imported it to Eclipse. It didn't alert any problems. Then I exported JAR archive with only two classes ( and keeping steps from this manual. ArcMap didn't see the tool.

Next, I replaced the code of both .java files with the code from same sample but from "(view code)" page of each class. Result was the same, ArcMap didn't see the tool.

When I take the file lib/DeleteFeaturesExt.jar from the downloaded project and placed it in the <ArcGIS Install Dir>\java\lib\ext directory, it worked.

What is the proper way to export JAR archive to be working like this?