Summary Statistics Script

Discussion created by helpmeimstupid on Apr 1, 2014
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Hi! I am attempting to write a script that will provide me with average NDVI pixel values in a raster, so I can later put the means into a time series. I keep getting an invalid syntax error in the "{case_field}" section of the code. This is an optional parameter that I do not think I want to utilize. Any input on what I am doing wrong would be very appreciated! Here is my script:

#Summary Statistics
#Statistics_analysis(in_table, out_table, statistics_fields, {case_field})

#Import arcpy module
import arcpy
arcpy.env.workspace = r'D:\rmnp\SamSOrgNDVIData\TEST89\New folder'

#Local Variables
out_table= r'D:\rmnp\SamSOrgNDVIData\TEST89\New folders\\'

#Process: Summary Statistics
for rast in rastList:
    arcpy.Statistics_analysis(rast, out_table + "_St1", ["MEAN"], "#")