Displaying detailed local tiled maps over a local tiled basemap

Discussion created by KJohnsonNarwhal on Mar 28, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2014 by KJohnsonNarwhal
I have an application that starts by displaying a statewide map, which is an AGSLocalTiledLayer. As the user zooms in, we want to display more detailed maps (also AGSLocalTiledLayer) for particular areas of the state.

My initial attempt at this was to load the statewide map layer, and then in -mapViewDidLoad, I add the more detailed map layers, hoping that as the user went to various locations the detailed maps would be displayed. However, this does not work: the detailed maps are not displayed over the basemap.

So, I'm thinking that what I really need to do is respond to changes in the map envelope by checking whether there is a detailed map that corresponds to the current location and change the map view's basemap as necessary. Is this correct, or is there some easier way to accomplish this?

-- Kris