ArcServer.rb, Ruby client to ArcGIS REST API

Discussion created by lucasimone on Mar 26, 2014
Hi guys,

few days ago I've released a gem called ArcServer.rb

It's a client library to ArcGIS Server REST API that can query, identify, create, update, delete feature, call geoprocessing tools and so on...

Quick example of usage...create a feature (point) with a geometry, some attributes and save it to a FeatureLaayer:

f ={ geometry: { x: 997986.5006082746, y: 5783631.06234916, spatialReference: { wkid: 102100 }}, attributes: {status:1,req_id:"12345",req_type:"Graffiti Complaint �?? Private Property",req_date:"30.09.2013",req_time:"14:00",address:"via dei matti 0",district:"4"} })

fs ="")
results = fs.applyEdits('0', [ f ], [], []) # adds, updates, deletes