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Geocoding X Y coordinates from and Excel file

Question asked by rdbaer on Mar 26, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2014 by rdbaer
I'm trying to plot a series of X Y coordinates found in an excel spreadsheet as points on my map.  I'm able to successfully add the spreadsheet to my table of contents but when I right click the file and then click 'Display X Y Data,' the next dialogue box that appears doesn't allow me to select the columns in the excel sheet which contain my X Y coordinates as the "X field" and "Y field."  As a matter of fact, when I click the drop down arrows next to X Field and Y Field, none of the column headers from my excel sheet are available.  The column headers where my X Y coordinates are only contain letters and underscores and meet all the other criteria to be readable by ArcMap.

Is there some step that I am missing?