Can I select a new feature in a feature class before saving the change?

Discussion created by kalley on Mar 18, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2014 by Ahmed.ElSisiesrinea-esridist

I have a VB.NET addin button that activates the ArcMap "split command" for the user and then updates the attributes of the resulting arcs.  I would like to make another button that is almost identical, but using the "split tool" instead of the "split command".  However, the new arc is not selected after the split tool executes, so I am unable to update its attributes.  I would like to add the new arc to the selection set, possibly by referring to its OBJECTID.  I know that the OBJECTID of the new arc is the largest one in the edited (unsaved) version of the feature class, but if I reference the feature class via its layer in ArcMap, I will only see the pre-edited version (without the new feature).  Any suggestions how I can get around this issue?